Social Housing

Waterman Environmental Services provide a comprehensive range of Legionella services to housing associations, local authorities and landlords who require support in managing the risk of Legionella in social residential housing.

All Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Landlords including individuals providing privately rented residential accommodation do have a legal obligation to address the risk of Legionella. The HSE’s Approved code of practice ACoP L8 / HSG274 applies in any situation where there is a commercial undertaking.

If you are a provider of such accommodation you may already be aware of your responsibilities to ensure the risk from exposure to Legionella in social residential housing is adequately managed. In most cases you will be required to assess the risk from exposure to Legionella.

Our Services Offered

  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Control Schemes
  • Hot and Cold Domestic Temperature Monitoring
  • Shower Head clean and disinfections
  • Cold Water Storage Tank Inspections
  • Cold Water Storage Tank chlorination’s
  • Water Sample Analysis
  • TMV installation / servicing
  • Temperature corrections
  • Pipework Modifications
  • Corrective remedial work
  • Water tank renovation and replacement
  • Water heater replacement / installation
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Chemical Supply

If you are a landlord, both public or private, commercial or domestic housing and looking to improve on the services you currently receive, see what our existing clients are saying about us by reading our testimonials.

WES can supply you with outstanding services and we can assist you in all your legal duties to comply with HSE ACoP L8 / HSG274. To find out further information then please contact us.