Recycled Water

The control of risk associated with recycled water wash systems and Legionella proliferation.

Since the introduction of the Approved code of Practice ACOP L8 in 2001 (revised to HSG274 – 2014) the United Kingdom has been able to access what is required in order to minimise the potential for Legionella proliferation and dissemination from all Water systems. Vehicle recycled wash systems are included in this document and the following areas must be considered.

  • Each wash system must be risk assessed to establish the engineering modifications required to minimise the release of water aerosols into the adjacent work areas.
  • The recycled water system by its very design will be prone to contamination by a number of fouling factors, including biological, inorganic and organic materials, a full risk and COSHH assessment covering all of these elements must be undertaken. This assessment should then list all relevant precautions, procedures and operational measures required to minimise the contact of wash water onto the exposed skin of employees, visitors, sub contractors or members of the general public.
  • Historically recycled wash systems have been a necessary evil for vehicle operators and a continual headache in terms of water condition control.

The Solution

  • Waterman Environmental have made a unique approach to the risk management and water treatment of wash water recycle systems and can now offer a complete package, that will not only control the risks identified within ACOP L8 / HSG274 but will also remove the odours experienced by many operators and extend the life of recycled water and their inherent requirement for sludge removal.
  • Specific recycled wash system risk assessment and Legionella Policies
  • On site analysis and log book control for ACOP / HSG274 compliance.
  • Provision of a total environmental water management solution.

Due to mounting environmental concerns, the use of wastewater treatment and reclaim systems in the car wash industry is becoming more prevalent. These Recycled Water Treatment systems are designed to conserve water and reduce the amount of polluted water being flushed into municipal sewer systems. Failure to reduce the waste to an acceptable level may result in costly surcharges. While this approach to carwash waste management seems practical, without tedious maintenance, sludge and solids rapidly accumulate in the reclaim pits generating offensive odors and requiring frequent and costly physical removal.

Whether your requirement be environmental or financial waterman environmental can design and tailor a system to suit your needs.

With an ever increasing requirement for the recycling of commercial wash down systems, waterman environmental have developed a system that will provide

  • A 75% reduction in sludge production
  • Zero legionella whilst achieving total ACoP L8 / HSG274 compliance
  • Total elimination of odours produced by anaerobic bacteria
  • Potential reduction of up to 85% in water usage
  • Total elimination of hydrocarbons and significant carbon footprint reduction
  • Improves discharge quality and maximises consent to discharge

Applications for use
Bus/Lorry washes
Train washes
Automatic car washes
Pressure washing/steam cleaning facilities
Plant and machinery washing facilities